In the fast-paced landscape of today’s business world, organisations strive to stay ahead by embracing technological advancements. At Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, the Liquidlogic Adults’ Social System is used to manage adult social care and finance cases and employees need to know how to use this, including new starters.

It is crucial that users possess a comprehensive understanding of the optimal utilisation of this system so that data is recorded accurately, and people receive the care they need.

At the council, they were also aware that the steady churn of employees had resulted in a constant need to get new starters up to speed on basic system functionality. This not only consumed valuable resources but also hindered the ability of new starters to maximise their potential on the job.

Having adopted the system for 10 years, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council already placed a significant emphasis on high quality training as a core priority. Recognising the importance of empowering their staff, the council aimed to ensure training opportunities were accessible to all employees.

The solution

Me Learning created a technology-driven training solution which would accelerate the competency and confidence of their existing employees as well as providing an ongoing training platform that could support the development of new staff. This transformation project was deployed using cutting-edge techniques, so the pace and style of learning responded to the needs of individual learners, helping to improve memory retention.

The transformation project used cutting-edge techniques, so the pace and style of learning responded to the needs of individual learners, helping to improve memory retention. This not only provided greater flexibility, but also allowed learners to focus on areas where they needed additional support.

The use of interactive elements in the training content ensured that learners were actively engaged in the learning process. This not only helped to improve comprehension, but also ensured learners retained the information they had learned. By incorporating knowledge checks, learners were able to test their understanding of the material, identify any areas where they needed further support, and gain confidence in their use of the systems.

The result

By working with Me Learning and utilising our suite of online training modules, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council were able to provide their employees with the tools they needed to use their systems competently and confidently.

The online training modules allowed new employees to work through the material at their own pace, rather than being reliant on scheduled training sessions. This meant that new starters were able to get up to speed more quickly, which helped to improve the efficiency of the council’s operations. Furthermore, this provided employees with ongoing access to the training content, ensuring they were able to refresh their knowledge and stay up to date with new processes.

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